Overview - Powerforce Basics

PowerForce is an integrated application based around the roster:

You manage your staff time & attendance via the roster by placing their working times on rosters.

Having managed the rosters for the particular period you can then process their payroll, and if you are a service industry you may then invoice your clients for the labour.


PowerForce has one of the most sophisticated and easy to manage award interpreter (AI), so much so that many organisations use PowerForce AI to front-end their payroll systems. We therefore have an interface to many of our competitors payroll applications.

All of the components of PowerForce are integrated out of the box, and you have no need to push data between modules, all the data is always there - and it's always the one unique piece of data feeding each module.


PowerForce is configured through control files and reference records - which means that every aspect of PowerForce is user configurable by the user. Obviously the user must have the correct access rights to the item to be able to change it.

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