Certificates & Licences

The certificate codes screen allows you to create your own list of specific licence codes, for later linking to employee and client profiles.

Getting There:

[ System Codes ] –> Time Scheduling / Certificates & Licences


certificates codes

These codes are used to provide warnings to operators and the employee that a certificate renewal is approaching.

  • Stop in the Action list box an employee can be prevented the employee from being Rostered On.
  • Warning will provide a warning but still allow the person to work. In the example 14 days before the drivers licence expires a message will be displayed. As this is a Warning the employee will still be allowed to work once the licences has expired.

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Linking licence details to employees

PowerForce provides a number of paths to allow you to link the defined licences to your employees:

  • Biographical / Employee Details
  • Biographical / Operational Details

Each of these options brings you to a screen similar to the following, where you enter your employee's individual details.

employee licence details

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