Changing employee classification (pay class)


This document outlines the steps to change the pay class of an employee. PowerForce maintain the complete history of an employee's payclasses - that is you do not overwrite an existing payclass with a new or current one, rather you add in the new payclass to be effective a particular date in time.

Getting There:

[ Biographical ] –> Personnel Maintenance / Personnel Rates


An employee classification (pay class) in PowerForce reflects combined with the employee emplyment type form the terms under which an employee is hired.


  1. In the “Navigator” Pane – double click “Biographical”
  2. Double click “Personnel Maintenance”
  3. Double click “Personnel Rates”
  4. In the new window select the employee to be changed or enter the employee number in the “Employee No” field in the top right corner, and press enter to load the employee details.
  5. In the “position” tab, click the drop down box for “Active Type of Employment”
  6. In the new window, click “Add”
  7. Enter the effective date
  8. Enter the new employment type, from the drop down box for “Employment type”
  9. Enter the new classification, from the drop down box for “Classification”
  10. Enter a change reason in the box under the “change reason” field.
  11. Click “save”
  12. Click yes/no to prompt box. Read the prompt before deciding yes/no.
  13. Click “exit”.
  14. Click “ok”.
  15. Click “save”
  16. Click “exit”.

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