Employee Management (Biographical)


We refer to employee management as the Biographical module because PowerForce does not currently have the employee recruitment facilities of a full blown HR application.

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Biographical Processes
  • Copy employee details between two employee records
  • Transfer employees between two company entities
Codes Maintenance
  • Certificate / Licence Codes
  • Profile Codes
  • Skill / Education Codes
  • Team Codes
Personnel Enquiry
  • Personnel Summary
Personnel Maintenance
  • Employee Profile Data
  • Maintain Classification Codes
  • Maintain Custom Leave
  • Employee Effective Entitlements
  • Employee / Client Special Rates - this is used to setup special pay rates when a specific employee works for a specific client
  • Leave Diary
  • Operational Details
  • Override Rates
  • Personnel Details - this is used by a person looking after the Administration details for an employee
  • Personnel Rates - this is used by a person looking after Payroll details
Personnel Reports
  • Accruals Audit Report
  • Biographical Reports
  • Employee Details Report
  • Employee Masterfile Report
  • Employee Skills Report
  • Licence Register
  • SMS Audit Report


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