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To speed up repetitive data entry the Timesheet entry screens have accelerator operators.



If you press the "i" (Information) icon when inside a grid (table), you will be shown the following floating help. This help screen will display at the same position as last you viewed it.


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Copy from above

Time sheet entry can be as simple as entering the first line of the timesheet and then using the accelerator keys to copy bits and pieces of the line "directly" above into the current line. In this example we've entered the first line of data, and rather than using the mouse to move to the next line, hit a couple of extra "Enter" keys to bring you to the next line.

In this instance we're going to enter more than 1 entry for the 11/01/11. We can rekey the date or more simply, type in the '.' and hit enter.

producing a copy of the column directly above. The "." works in every column of the table.

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Copy from above and slightly to the right.

The next most useful copy will be to copy the finish time of the previous line to the start time of the current line, and for that you use the following ".1" (check the shortcut list above).

producing the following. So, by entering ".1", you have elimitated a possible 5 keys strokes - which in the environment of continuous time sheet entry will amount to a lot of key strokes.

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