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The following document outlines the combined time sheet entry screen (NVT_004), its fields and use.

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The Time Sheet Entry (NVT_004) screen has been developed to accept the extended time sheet format as represented by the Georgiou "Daily Workplace Report".

The "Plant Department Daily Time Sheets" is represented by its own form due to the different data capture requirements.

The design of the timesheet entry form is based upon showing only the information that any one site manager might wish to view. This has been enabled through the Job Preferences and Preferences buttons as shown below. See this article for details of setting preferences.

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Time Sheet Entry - Employees

Each element of data capture will be presented to the user (site supervisor) as a dropdown. This will act as a speed-up of processing as well as immediate data validation. The use may also type the data in free-hand. This is the new format of the time sheet entry screen, where you have the ability to enter Plant / Equipment id that the employee worked on during the day.

This grid explains the icons and column details.

Button Description & Use
chevrons Move through the days (back & forward) from the date shown
info Information - shows a popup of data entry speed ups
info Job Codes preferences - works like the Preferences button for Job Codes
copy Copy the time sheet data from a previous date to the currently set date. You need to "Save" the data if you wish to confirm the time sheet.
save Save the data on all tabs
Preferences Set user preferences such as employee, equipment lists
export Export TimeSheet data for external systems


Column Id Type Description & Use
Job Code Drop down (fixed) Select the job code that you're entering data for
Job Name Display only Displays the description of the job code
Date Drop down Enter the date for which you are entering this time sheet
Plant Number Drop down (If required), enter the plant / equipment that the employee worked on during the shift
Cost Code Drop down Enter the cost code associated with the employee's hours
Cost Description Display only Displays the description of the cost code
Start Drop down / data entry Enter the shift start time (preferrably in 24 hour format)
Finish Drop down / data entry Enter the shift start time (has to be in 24 hour format)
Meal Break Data entry Enter the lenght of the meal break in minutes (30 for 1/2 hour)
Pay Code Drop down Select the pay code for the shift (if required)
Pay Code Description Display only Displays the description of the pay code
Tick All Check Check off lines you wish to clear of data
Total hours Display only The lenght of the shift, taking into consideration the meal break

Start Entering Timesheet data

To start data entry, begin by select a Job Code for which you wish to enter time sheet data. You will be presented with the available job codes as a mechanism which controls that you do not enter invalid data.

Enter the date for which you're entering the data. If you wish to copy a time sheet from a previous day, select the copy button to select the day from which you wish to copy the data. Then select the employee for whom you are entering data on the left, and complete the line as appropriate, entering only the data relevant to that shift.


When entering the cost code, use the drop down provided, or type the data in free hand. Tab off the field or hit Return to move to the next input field.

cost center

To complete the time sheet for the employee, enter the start and finish time of the shift (in 24 hour format). Then enter the length of the meal break in minutes. The system will calculate the shift lenght based on this data.


When you press the Save button, the data in all of the tabs will be saved to the database. You may then continue to add more data, or make changes to the data you've entered, and then press Save to re-save the new data.



If you have a need to enter more than one shift for an employee, enter the first shift, and then whilst on the same line as the employee for whom you wish to make two shifts, press the "Insert" key. This will duplicate your line, from which you may now make your neccessary adjustments. (In this example we had already entered the original shift from 07.00 - 16.30, however, realising that the shift had to be split we then had to make the adjustment).

And, finally tidying up, we get :

Note, how the lunch break has been entered in this split shift. The first shift goes to 12.30, which includes the 30 minute break. You may equally have achieved the same by ending the first shift at 12.00, and commencing the 2nd at 12.30.

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Subcontractors Tab

The most significant change is that between the Georgiou employee and its sub-contractors. This will provide for clear data entry, and help focus the user on correct data entry. The subcontractors will be presented on a tab of their own, as with Georgiou and Hired equipment.

On the subcontrators tab, you have the ability to enter number of staff, rather than entering individual employee details.

Worked example of entering a number of staff.

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Equipment Tab

The equipment tab shows the Georgiou plant. The equipment tab will immediately show the actual equipment that is on this site.
This serves as a control on data entry and presents a clear image of what actually is being used on the job.

Worked example.

Hired Equipment - effectively the same data entry as the Georgiou equipment.

Speeding up Data Entry

To speed up data entry , the time sheet has the ability to copy time sheet data between days. The timesheet data has shown itself to be largely the same from day to day, with a few changes in cost codes, and therefore a "Copy" button is provided to allow for the copy of time sheet data from a previous date to the date being entered. The expectation is that today's data is a lot like yesterday, so copy yesterday's timesheets and make any changes. And, not only can you copy yesterday's data, but you may copy data from any previous time sheet entry.

Please note, that the copy can only be performed for the same job code, different dates.






Clearing superfluos data after copy

When you copy time data from a previous day, you will at some occassion copy more shifts than are required for the day. Therefore you must clear the unwanted shifts, before you save your timesheet. The way to clear data that you've copied or entered by mistake is to use the checkbox and process as described in the following paragraph "deleting copied data". All that you need to do is to 'check' the line which you want cleared, and then press the red "X".

The second form of clearing data is to clear the start and finish time. The system does not store timesheet entries that do not have a start / finish time entry.

Deleting saved copied data

You may on occassion, save the copied data or newly entered data and then realise that it was a mistake. To remove data which you've saved, follow the same process as for clearing copied data (or any data on the time sheet screen), and press the "X" to clear or delete the data.

In the case of where you actually want to delete saved data, you will be prompted to confirm that you actually wish to delete these entries (as per below).

Once you confirm the delete, the screen will redraw and you may then continue with your data input.

If you have too many items on your screen, and you want to see just those employees with timesheet data, then select the "Edited" radio button in the view options.

As you can see in the above image, the time sheet entry allows you to note the Weather Report for the day.

Quick Search for Employee

The design of this screen has been to show only the information that is relevant to the job being worked on, and hence the various preferences that you may set. The screen is large enough to show 25-27 items per page, hence if you have a list of 50 employees that you're responsible for, then you may use the slider bar to move the screen up / down, or you may use the "Search for" box to get to the employee quicker. The search works on the basis of you entering a character at a time, at which point the screen will move to that item if one exists. That is, if you enter "Wa" and you have an employee called "Wakefield", the screen moves to the first entry matching.

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