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The following document outlines the combined time sheet entry screen, its fields and use thereof.

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Following the meeting of Oct 18, and further analysis of data capture requirements, the previous two time sheet entry screens are being consolidated into a new format, which will allow for concurrent data capture of employee, sub-contractor, Georgiou equipment and hired equipment time sheet entry.

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Time Sheet Entry

Each element of data capture will be presented to the user (site supervisor) as a dropdown. This will act as a speed-up of processing as well as immediate data validation.

time sheet

Column Id Type Description & Use
Job Code Drop Down (Fixed)  
Job Name    

Button Description & Use

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The most significant change is that between the Georgiou employee and its sub-contractors. This will provide for clear data entry, and help focus the user on correct data entry. The subcontractors will be presented on a tab of their own, as will Georgiou and Hired equipment.

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The equipment tab will immediately show the actual equipment that is on this site.
This serves as a control on data entry and presents a clear image of what actually is being used on the job.

Speeding up Data Entry

To expedite the entry of data between days, a "Copy" button is provided to allow for the copy of time sheet data from a previous date to the date being entered.

copy button

Duplicating Data Entry

As the expectation is that most shifts will be copies of very similar data to that of the day / period before, each data entry cell is easily copied from its predecessor with the following shortcuts.

WIP : TODO The following items have been discussed as requirements for this screen

  • Allow for the entry of multiple times per employee per day
  • Function to allow the site manager (user) to dynamically add / remove elements of their dropdowns.

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