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Setting User Preferences for TimeSheet data


The following document details the process of setting an individual users employee, equipment preference lists for the TimeSheet data entry windows.

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To enter time sheet data, generally the user is presented with "ALL" of the data for the data entry drop-down fields. That is, when you have to select an employee for whom you wish to enter the timesheet, you are given a list of all of the 600+ employees in the business. It would be much more useful and "user-friendly" that each time sheet user were presented with just the employees and equipment for which they have responsibility.

Therefore, the TimeSheet entry has a facility to set preferences, where each user may taylor their own list of employee, job codes, equipment, etc. This will limit the dropdowns and popups to only those lists that relate to the user (e.g. Site Manager).

Setting Preferences.

The example below is indicative of the facility to allow each user to create their own list of employees and equipment for which they have responsibility.

The basis of the preferences flows as follows:

  • The "My List" represents what will show on the user screen (e.g. Site Manager's list of employees)
  • The "Entire List" represents all of the elements within Georgiou.


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Choosing your own Employees

You may select single or multi elements to move over to "My List". Simply click on the names (elements) that you wish to have appear on your timsheet data entry, and drag them across to the My List side.

Press Save to save this list as your new default list.


Removing elements from a Preference

If you no longer want a particular element appearing on your list, use the same process of click and drag from the "My List" to anywhre outside of the My List box, and the element will be removed.

Don't forget to press Save to save the changes permanently.



At this stage we are yet to link the preference selection to each of the tabs of the TimeSheet entry screen and / or the Jobs List. The intent is to allow each Site Manager to customise their list of 'data' elements to only encompass those that they have direct responsibility for.

  • Employees
  • Sub-contractors
  • Equipment (Georgiou)
  • Equipment (Hire)
  • Projects / Job Codes

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