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During the data upload & testin of the time sheet entry window, we 've found the following items would be excellent enhancements to improve the user experience.


Note from helpdesk

Can the text be forced to uppercase in this ?

I was able to enter lowercase and then when  I went off it, it changed to upper.


How easy would it be to make meal- break default to 30 mins? Am just asking for the big picture.

I’d like a button which will throw the active entries into a report window, so that we can see quickly what has been entered.


Can this be auto-formatted so that it inserts a “-“ after the 2nd char?

And this, just asking about the 430 to switch to 1630 – I know that we can tell them to use 24 hour format.


Help me here – chuck in a ‘.’

The behaviour of this seems to be good in that is shows the list, and then writes over the numbers vs putting me into insert mode.
Can the columns be made to work like this also ?

This is cute:
Move the background screen and the dropdown stays in place –

Can you uppercase this and all columns




WHEN you copy from one day to the next – do you copy everything or just what’s on the active tab at the time?

WHEN you press save, does it save just the tab you’re on or all of the data on all of the tabs?

How do I delete a mistaken line?


COPY does not appear to copy EQUIPMENT from date to date


The TAB from the 1st dropdown does not take me to the date – shouldn’t it?

AND, one more button amongst them all “CY” = copy yesterday as a quick step copy rather than going thru the calendar path –

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