Uploading Powerforce invoice details into Sybiz Vision

This document describes the process of transferring Powerforce invoice details into Sybiz Vision.

A requirement of this program is that you use the Version 9.x of Powerforce, therefore each accounts staff member that will run this process is required to install the correct shortcut on their desktop.

Whilst running this process, the workstation that you are on must not have Sybiz open, and you must have drive "V:" mapped. If drive V: is not mapped the process will abort.





Invoice upload works through two paths:

  • Upload via Generation number
  • Upload via Miscelleneous invoice number (not associated with a generation)

Select your invoice(s) via one of the two options, and press Process to run the process.


Invoice by Generation

The window presents two basic download options (mutually exclusive). Once you make a selection, the form will display some basic information about the generation to serve as a reminder of what you're processing.

sybiz upload

Selecting the Generation dropdown, will present you the generation (most recent value at top), as per:

sybiz upload

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Miscellaneous Invoice

Invoices that are not created via the Billing workbench are accessible through the second dropdown "Misc Invoice".

The dropdown will show all invoices not associated with a generation, and those not yet processed through this export.

sybiz upload

sybiz upload

If, you have occasion to upload an invoice that does not dropdown in either of the above options, enter the invoice number directly into the "Misc Invoice" field.


The upload process marks each invoice as processed, therefore you will not be able to upload (transfer information) between Powerforce and Sybiz more than once.

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