Banning employee from multiple sites

Powerforce has the functionality of setting a 'ban' of an employee at a client site. Whilst there are a number of screens where the ban setting can be made, this article refers specifically to the scheduling workbench, so as to enable the operations staff quick access to the function.

Scheduling Workbench Change

The right-click context menu has a new option "Exclude from multi-sites", in addition to the existing Exclude from this site. In order for the function to work, you must have selected an employee in the LHS column to exclude, otherwise the system will prompt you with error messages.

exclude exmployee

Making the Exclusion

The program logic, takes the site that is being viewed, it then checks for the parent of the site. It then display a popup of all of the sub-sites of that parent, and automatically selects all of the sites as exclusion sites. What that allows is for the operator to de-select any sites that are still ok for the employee to work at (as shown below, rows 5 & 6 have been de-selected).

exclusion list

Press Ok, to accept the list of sites to create the exclusion against.

Pressing Cancel aborts the operation.

Note that the display shows the employee will be banned from 8 sites only.