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To be able to charge out for your services, you must first define the services and then the service charges.


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Types of Invocing

PowerForce has the ability to invoice for:

  • Casual Services
  • Repetitive Services
  • Ad-hoc Invoicing

Casual invoicing refers to casual services as driven by the rostering system.

Repetitive invoicing refers to the invoicing of a fixed amount per invoice period

Ad-hoc may refer to an ad-hoc shift or simply to the fact that additional invoicing is required for a service and the additional details cannot be driven by any component of a roster. eg. truck hire, baton hire, tent hire.


Casual Services

We define casual services those services that are generally for a short period, not necessarily planned or if planned are not guaranteed to be required always. In other words, the customer has the flexibility to cancel a previous request for services and have no obligation to you. The period can be 1 day to a number of months.

Repetitive Invoicing

Repetitive services invoicing refers to contracts where you are to be paid a fixed monthly fee in return for a level of service delivery. Generally the monthly fees are always the same amount, irrespective of the fact that month to month there are different numbers of days per month.

In this instance you bill the client monthly and provide supporting roster time schedules to confirm the work and services carried out.

Ad-hoc Invocing


Here we are not referring to ad-hoc shifts as the basis of ad-hoc invocing, but rather the fact that we generate the invoice manually to cover any number of items per invoice.

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