Invoice Formats


PowerForce provides the ability to create various invoice formats for client billing purposes. You have the ability to use individual invoice formats on a per client basis as well as to define a default invoice format for client who will accept the company default invoice format.


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When configuring PowerForce, you will define a default invoice format on a company basis. From there you may tailor individual client to use invoice formats other than the company default (on an individual company basis).

Company Default

When a client does not have an invoice format defined, the system will use the invoice format defined in the company controls record. Each company must have the default invoice format set.

company invoice format

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Client Invoice Format

When defining invoice formats on a per client basis, you must configure the details via the Client Contracts (as below).

client invoice format

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The available invoice formats

The following list is indicative of the available invoice formats in PowerForce.

invoice formats

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