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Using the scheduling workbench

    • Acer Arena (ACER) Invoices

INVOICING SEC - before 1000hrs NEXT day

      • Ensure the shifts being invoiced are confirmed as per instruction on Introduction.2 but ensure all confirmed shifts have a matching “comment” and “role type” in the “edit booking” window of the shift in the “comments” tab, the comment/role type should reflect the “position” that the shift was performed for, for example “door 5 lift well”
      • you need to obtain a “pre-invoice report” for the site as per instruction on section 2.2
      • On the left hand side of the main navigator screen, double click “Service Billing”
      • On the right hand side of the main navigator screen double click “Client Billing Workbench”
      • Double click “Company Name” in left hand side of the billing workbench
      • Double click “new generation”
      • Enter a description in the field that has pre-loaded text of “Billing period **/**/**” to say “SEC ONLY: (Event Name) (Date)”

For example: “ACER ONLY: Elton John 01.01.09”

      • Change the “week ending date” to suite if necessary
      • Click “next”
      • “Invoice selection” to be “Casual/Rosters”
      • “Casual Invoicing options” to be “All Rosters” and “create invoices or”
      • In the “client selection” field choose “yes” for “do you want to choose the client to invoice”
      • Click “next”
      • Enter the date range in the “From” and “To” fields of the week you want to process invoices
      • Select “Weekly Arrears Invoicing”
      • Click “Next”
      • Click on the drop down box to select the client and click ok (the client name/name will appear under the drop down field)
      • Click “Next”
      • Press the “Finish” button to generate invoice/s
      • An “exceptions report” may generate. Ensure you have justified any anomalies
      • In the “billing workbench” click on the “Extended” tab next to the “summary” tab on the centre of the workbench. This will bring up the sites that we have invoiced for
      • Click on each site on the left hand side list of clients and confirm “Casual Charge” total from the “Pre-Invoice Report” against “Service Total” on the screen (on the very last client on the “Pre-Invoice Report” do not mistake grand total for client total)
      • When there is multiple invoices for a site, add all service totals on the billing workbench and compare to “Pre-Invoice Report” total
      • Click the “Printer” Icon in the icon bar on the top right hand corner of the billing workbench
      • In the “select invoices to print or email window,” click “select all” and click “ok”
      • In the “print invoices” window, select “Preview”
      • In the print preview screen, click the print icon on the far left bottom corner of the screen
      • Click ok to the “print range” window (this will print the report to the printer)
      • Close the “print preview” window
      • Scan invoice along with completed timesheet to your email from the printer and email to client. Use email distribution list called “SEC Event Costing”
    • Committing an Invoice Generation
      • In the “Billing Workbench”, double click the generation that you want o lock/commit
      • Click the “green” tick icon in the icon bar
      • Click “yes” to message prompt

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