Powerforce is licensed on a "pay as you use" basis. Once you stop paying for the use of the software you effectively terminate your contract.

This has the benefit that you (the customer) do not enter a long-term contract or pay large start up fees to commence using the application.

Envizion Systems in turn mandate a two months in advance licence payment to ensure financial obligations are maintained.




Your licence with Envizion for the use of Powerforce states that dues (fees) are payable two (2) months in advance. As an example:

  • Today is 09/04/12 (April 9th for US readers)
  • You must have already paid for the June 2012 monthly licence.


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How it works

Powerforce has internal logic to maintain the software licence controls. With the advancement of eveything onto the Internet, we have made the process seemless to the end user by allowing your Powerforce application to check its licence against our servers on the Internet.

For those clients that do not have Internet access, you may update your licence by pasting in the expiry licence into the space provided.

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Unpaid licence fees

Where you find yourself with the licence expired due to unpaid fees, you may extend your licence for 2 days by using the "Quick Extend 1 day" button.

This ensure that you may continue to use your Powerforce application, whilst your accounts arrange for account payment.

Simply, enter your login details as you do normally - and then press the 'Quick Extend 1 day' button. You will be logged on. Please note that you may only extend 2 times before Powerforce expires.

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Why this licencing model?

Powerforce is offerred in an easy to use and easy to start licencing model, and as such we seek to ensure our fees are paid up in a timely manner.

  • Often times clients place our payments many months in arrears
  • We have had a number of clients go into administration with 10's of thousands of dollars of unpaid fees.
  • We are offering you excellent terms and costs to run your own business, and therefore we expect to be treated as partners not as last in the line 'debtors'.

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