To access support, we recommend that customers email 'support@powerforcesoftware.com'.





Whether calling to find out how to run a process or to report an issue, customers are asked to email support@powerforcesoftware.com.

Please provide all the necessary information so that we can understand your issue and more importantly where possible provide a screen shot of either your enquiry (what you're calling about), or what errors or data you are getting from the system.


Multi-Company Clients

Where you are a customer with a multi-company Powerforce, please indicate which company the enquiry relates to.

Please provide us with information that will allow us to re-create the problem (if requesting support), and most importantly please indicate what you are expecting that the answer should have been from the system. i.e. Do not indicate that the pay is incorrect, indicate what you believe the value should be, and why. We can always work backwards to see why the system did not get your answer, and our ability in re-creating the problem is the means by which we resolve any issues.

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Helpdesk System

All email sent to support will be replied to from our helpdesk system.

If the email relates to a new topic, the helpdesk system will reply with a ticket number, detailing the fact that we have received your enquiry. The details of the email will be similar to the following:

helpdesk tickey

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Please note that we endeavour to deal with all new tickets on the day they are received. However, only customers with explicit SLA (Service Level Agreements) will receive immediate action within the agreed time periods.

Please note, our support policy states that any time spend working on your problem on our own copy of your data is at no additional cost. If however, we need to login to your server to copy the data, and/or work for more than 15 minutes on your server and against your copy of the data, then additional support charges may apply.

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