Software Updates - Sep '18

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )
19/09 [W] certificate_codes - GUI, add new field to DICT [T] license_types\category
[S} certificate_code - setup new DICT element
[S} repref16 - change sort order
17/09 [S] add_batch_report_process - hierarchy of control setting to ask for batch processing
[S] rep_emp_licence_details - add 'state' to listing

[W] cubsms01 - upload timesheets from excel directly (customer specific format)
[S] cubsms-1 - commuter for above window
[S] nv_utils - enhanced utilities support
[S] nv_excel - changes to data extraction processing

01/09 [S] nv_winutils - enhanced support for windows utilities
[S] eps_create_file - changes to error messages
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details