Software Updates - Feb '18

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )
21/02 [S] nv_setup_ole_reporttable - new functionality
[S] rephr058 - merge to baseline
[S] repmisc02 - merge to baseline
[S] repmisc03 - merge to baseline
[S] repmisc04 - merge to baseline
[S] repmisc05 - merge to baseline
[I] http_logs_equates
[I] web_users_equates
20/02 [W] nvw_excel - export report into excel merge sheet
[S] nvw_excel_events - support function
[S] nv_excel - new logic
[S] repref62 - export [T] rtc -> nvw_excel sheets
[S] get_hours_worked - enhanced data export
[S] nv_utility - add on to nv_utils
12/02 [S] nv_utils - check on xprint option
[S] nvo_userpref - set preferences for xprint
[I] nvo_userpref_ins - add options for xprint, showbatchQ
[S] schedule_generation_sub - allow user to select print error log/not
03/02 [S] set_rtimecard_as_invoiced - UAV
01/01 [X] new dropdown code requires a re-install of editor, to pickup srp_array. The link is here
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details