Software Updates - Nov '17

  Description ( Resolved Issues / Enhancements )
20/11 [W] charge_rates_maint - new dropdown search functionality
[W] client_contract_details -
[W] client_operations
[W] core_scheduling_reports
[S] charge_rates_maint - supporting code for enhancements
[S] client_contracts_details_events
[S] client_contracts_details2
[S] client_contract_details_sub
[S] client_operations_events
[S] client_operations_sub
[S] core_schedule_reports_events
[S] core_schedule_reports
[S] nvo_client - expand functionality for data selection
[S] nvo_employee -
[S] nvo_srp_dropdown - extend code to support user perferences
19/11 [W] classification_codes - add breach break checkbox
[T] sysenv - staging\blank_oi94 change printer to vsprinter1 as default
[S] nvu_028 2018 calendar update
  [I] nv_srp_dropdown_equates - new entities
[W] user_preferences - new search option settings
[S] user_preferences_sub- supporting code
15/11 [?] article re 'annual leave not accruing on Public Holidays'
10/11 [S] mpd_questEffect - load data from another DB
[S] mpd_alias_copy - setfile to remote DB, copy data to current DB
    [new] Bulk importing / loading employee licence / accreditation details